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With an international pool of over 10.000 artists, the agency ARS MEDIA will find the perfect artist to deliver a custom made program for every kind of event.

Below you can find a small overview of possible entertainment choices:

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A cappella groups can be any compilation from small vocal ensembles to big choirs.

 “A cappella” is a vocal performance without instrumental accompaniment.

 Music style: pop, classical, folk, jazz and gospel..

Clothed in traditional Austrian garments, the accordion player performs a variety of music which includes folk and oldies.

Whether floor, sheet or partner acrobatics, these artists fascinate and charm the audience with their precision and aesthetics.

Movie or theatre actor / actress

We will find for every event the right artist in every category.

This brass instrument exists in various tunes and has its origins in alpine countries. The instrument was once used to send signals from mountain to mountain.
It is played by four or five musicians.

Music style: original alpine folk music

Create a typical Alpine atmosphere at your event by presenting your guests traditional folk dances like the "Schuhplattler" or the "Bandltanz".

Various artists are counted into this category; vaudeville, circus, street, air acrobatics and tightrope.

Party music – from folk music (beer tent) to pop music (pop and rock bands)

„Stubnmusi“ (slow and soft folk music, appropriate as ambiance music);
“Tanzlmusi” (lively and riveting music, appropriate for dances as well as ambiance music),
wind instrument ensembles,..

It will be performed while dressed in traditional Austrian clothing, with or without vocals

This is a traditional instrument from Ireland and Scotland and will be played by a musician wearing a kilt.

Music style: traditional Irish and Scottish music

Classical dance

Instrumental music with or without vocals

Music style: standard jazz and swing melodies, classical music as well as oldies

The barrel organ, as well known as "street organ", is a common instrument for street musicians since the 18th century in European countries – sometimes accompanied by vocals.

Music style: traditional Viennese songs, melodies from operas and operettas, German pop songs and oldies, ...

A beer tent, folk music and German pop songs just belong together and is a perfect requirement to get the party started. Whether a marching band, a band or a folk music duo - the perfect atmosphere will be provided in the beer tent.

Also known as "oriental dance".

This dance comes from Arabic countries and is mostly danced by women in special costumes accompanied by oriental music.

A big band can be a large jazz or swing band as well as a large dance orchestra; starting at approximately 15 musicians.

Music style: dance and entertainment music, jazz and swing melodies, ...

Bike acrobatics: exceptional and breath-taking acrobatic stunts will be performed with bikes.

These bands put all their concentration into the music genre, "Blues", which originated in the USA in the 19th century.

Artistic paintings on human bodies

Wind music formations which originate from Great Britain’s military sector.

Music style: brass bands play entertainment music, swing and soundtracks from popular musicals & movies

Music style: pop, classical and folk music, jazz, ...

Music style: pop, classical and folk music, jazz, ...

These shows offer a program consisting of different dances; Samba, Lambada, Capoeira and African dances.

Cabaret is performing arts on a small scale. It can be socially critical, funny, entertaining and/or artistic aesthetical. Often, cabaret artists combine lyric poetry with music.
Within a few minutes, our caricaturist will draw caricatures of your guests in an entertaining way. With the company logo placed on the drawing paper it will be handed to your guests.
Funny portrait paintings of the guests will be drawn in no time from our cartoonist.
Ensemble formation: duo, trio, quartet, ...
is a small orchestra with string and / or wind instruments.

Music style: classical music, sacred music, wedding music, melodies from movies and musicals

Chansons are mainly French songs, but can also be songs in a different language with a narrative background.

Cheerleading is a type of sport, which combines elements of gymnastics, acrobatic, dance and cheering shouts. The primary goal of Cheerleaders is to cheer for the own sport's team at every event and competition and to entertain the attendant audience.

Children clown, children magician, children make-up, balloon modelling – the entertainment is perfectly suited for children birthday parties, opening ceremonies, ..

Children choirs are singing most of the times a cappella and can be organised with a piano or guitar accompaniment.

Music style: classical music, folk music, modern songs, ...

Various formations: from duos to orchestras

Magic as close as the audience can get it!

Directly at the tables and in front of the audience’s eyes.

Comic performers who employ slapstick or similar types of physical comedy, often in a mime style.
A comedian is making his audience to laugh with mimic, gestures or language.

An entertainer who specializes in jokes, comic skits, and so on.

Concert / gala with the most popular and beautiful songs from musicals – from Cats to Sound of Music.

The conductor manages a music group (choir and / or orchestra).

Humorous host who is extemporising anecdotes and poems in addition to his presentation.

Breathtaking acrobatics that show acrobats bending themselves in ways unimaginable.

This music style is coming from the USA and has spread throughout Europe.

A music band, which is covering or reproducing songs from popular music groups – either the original version or with own interpretations.

Different casts with vocals

Music style: classical dance music (foxtrot, waltz, Latin American music,....) till party music

For occasions such as weddings, gala events, proms and many others perfectly suited.  

Synchronous dance choreographies with more than one dance couple

Standard or Latin formations are most common in German speaking countries.

From Flamenco till Brazilian or Standard and Latin dance shows.

Impressive dances with colourful dance costumes!

The devils fiddle is a rhythm instrument, which construction and sort causes a sensation.

This instrument precipitates fascination and cheerfulness to the audience at folk music evenings.

Instrumental music only

Possible instruments: harp, piano, zither, ..

Music style: classical music, jazz, swing, blues, folk music, ..

We will find the right DJ for every music style. Whether its party or wedding music, we will organise the perfect DJ.

A disc jockey performs live with a saxophonist or a violinist.

Dixieland bands originate from New Orleans (USA).

Original ensemble: wind instruments and percussions

Music style: Dixieland, ragtime, swing, jazz, ...

Whether Helene Fischer, Elvis, ABBA, Elton John or Falco, nearly every popular star has its doubles.

Whether Helene Fischer, Elvis, ABBA, Elton John or Falco, nearly every popular star has its doubles.

A typical alpine string instrument which is played with small hammers made of wood.

The program of this show contains the most popular songs from the "King of Rock ’n' Roll"!

This single musician entertains his audience with jokes, charisma and music while playing the keyboard, accordion and / or guitar.

Music style: dance and entertainment music, oldies and many others

Musicians, acrobats, caricaturists, artists or magicians – entertainment is amusement that will leave a lasting impression.

This category reaches from folksy till German pop, rock till party music – everything is possible.

Fingerpicking is a specific technique used to play the guitar. The strings of the guitar are strummed with each finger. As this technique is quite exhausting for the musician, the duration of the performance is shorter than with ordinary guitarists.

The program of these shows contains spectacular jugglery with fire, as well as fire expectorators and fire eaters.

We will find the matching pyrotechnics for every firework to let your event sparkle.

Flamenco is the term for specific songs and dances from Andalusia / Spain.

A Flamenco dance couple performs in traditional Flamenco costumes to original Spanish music.

Flamenco consists of vocals, dance and an instrumental performance where the guitar plays an essential role.

A flourish of trumpets was used in medieval times for military and aristocratic purposes.

In the 21st century, however, it contains mostly trumpets and trombones.

Recorder, transverse flute, octave flute, panpipe, ...

Music style: classical music, jazz, dinner music, ...

Music style: German and folk melodies

Possible cast: from duo to orchestra

At traditional or pre-Christmas events the folk brass players provide an atmospheric surrounding with Alpine folk music.

The term “Folk Music” describes the traditional music of a country/a nation. It is showing specific local customs and contains folk songs, instrumental pieces and music for folk dances.

A merry folk music evening, where musicians play on traditional and extraordinary instruments (devils fiddle, wash board, .......) with folk dance insets, cow bell ringing, the singing saw, alphorn or “Schuhplatteln”.

It focuses mainly on folk dances from various countries (in Austria for example: "Schuhplatteln").

Either original folk music, folk dance evenings or programs, where folk music is combined with folk dance performances and audience involvement (for example cow bell ringing, alphorn playing, the singing saw,.).

He is making his audience laugh and be amazed, either with verbal jokes, repartee or magic tricks.

Because of his funny and charming attitude, the waiter is staying in his guests mind.  

Fiery energetically, Hungarian gipsy music!

In history, a glass harmonica used to be a popular instrument until it was forgotten. The instrument is assembled through telescoped glass bells which vary in size. Those glass bells lie horizontally on a flat surface resembling a table.  By pushing down on a foot pedal they start rotating. In order to produce a sound, the musician has to touch the edges of the bells with wet fingers.

A glass harp is a row of glasses where each glass contains a different amount of water. It is played by moving the wet fingers around the rim of the glasses.

Gospel music is sacred music, which is characterised by impacts of jazz and blues.

From small groups till large choirs – gospel ensembles exist in variable forms (a cappella or with a band).

Within the Alpine music area a „Gstanzl“ is a wide spread custom to perform a song. A “Gstanzl” is mainly written and sung in the particular dialect; most of the times the song is improvised.

Whether pop, rock or other musical genres at birthday parties or corporate events, the guitarist is often the perfect choice if you want to enjoy an evening with good music.

Power and grace are melting into a unique and extraordinary acrobatic show.

This is an entertainment artist known from medieval times. A harlequin, mostly dressed in medieval costumes, entertains the audience with magic, juggling, jokes and much more.

Duo harp / violin

Music style: classical music, sacred music and wedding music

Music style: classical music, folk music, sacred music, ...

Hunting horn blowers play musical signals to communicate with companions during the hunt.

In our region, hunting horn blowers perform most of the times in traditional Austrian / Alpine hunting clothes.

The artist creates impressive ice sculptures.

Also known as „doubles“, impersonators are common in the music industry as they copy the songs, style and appearance of popular musicians.

Instrumental music without vocals (for example: harp, violin, piano, guitar, ...)

Shows where the most popular and beautiful melodies from well known musicals are performed.

Ensemble formation: duo, trio, quartet, quintet

Popular jazz and international swing melodies, which are perfectly suited as background music for a dinner, brunch, bar area, ...

Juggling with or without fire, on a velocipede or on stilts, ...

Ladies bands exist for nearly every music style: jazz and swing, dance and entertainment music and / or bar music.

Ladies bands perform often as strolling musicians.

Music style: classical music, melodies from operas and operettas, melodies from popular movies and musicals, songs from the twenties and thirties,...

Video projection shows. Pictures, animations or rays will be generated by a laser – with or without music accompaniment.

Like the cowboys in the olden days, the lasso artist performs tricks with the long rope. It will captivate and amaze the audience.

These bands bring the South American joy of life to your event – with or without dancers.

Music style: Latin American dance and entertainment music: Samba, Salsa, Merenque, Latin disco, Bossa Nova, Cumbia, Cha Cha, ...

The amazing show act will be presented with the assistance of LED glow pois and an intoxicating choreography. The possibility to display the logo of the client during the show is given.

The program of this scenic concert will be designed specially for your event: vocal soloists accompanied by instrumental music will sing popular arias from Mozart operas. The vocal soloists are dressed in historical costumes for their performance. A charming and merry presentation in different languages such as English, German, French, Spanish or Italian, will lead you through the program of the light hearted Mozart serenade.

Facades of houses, stages and rooms will be illuminated with light effects - everything is possible, even an ordinary house can be turned into a castle.

Whether small magic tricks from table to table or a big magic show on a stage, whether for children or exclusively for adults – we will find the right magician for every kind of audience!!

He causes his audience to be surprised and experience miracles.
Wind instrument orchestra in uniforms, sometimes with cheerleaders

Music style: international march music

Is counting as Mexican folk music. Mariachi ensembles consist of 5 – 12 musicians.

Possible casts: Guitars, Vihuela, Guitarron, Violins, Trumpets ...

As well in Europe, Mariachi bands are popular entertainment bands for any kind of events.

This is a historical description for a show master. A master of ceremonies welcomes your guests in costume and leads them through the evening with charm and wit.

With or without show blocks: folk dances, Schuhplatteln, cow bell ringing, Alphorn playing, and many others

Music style: merry folk music, oldies, German pop songs

Folk and sacred music with minnesingers originating from the Middle Ages and music for the royal courts descending from the Renaissance Era.

Middle Ages / Renaissance ensembles: vocals, string instruments, harp, flute, shawm, hurdy-gurdy, lute, bagpipe, ...

Minnesongs are chanted love lyrics. Minnesingers, also known as troubadours in France, have been popular especially within the western European aristocracy in the high Middle Ages.

This dance originates from France and has been an important dance during the baroque and classical period.

Ballroom dancing with 1-3 dance couples

Your guests will be greeted from Mozart and Nannerl and will be told interesting insights of their lives.

Whether Charleston or German pop songs, the „Golden Twenties“ and „Thirties“ have been shaped by artists such as the Comedian Harmonists, Glenn Milller or Louis Armstrong.

Now this music has come in trend again.

Jazz up your event with the music of the 1920ies and 30ies!

Ensembles reaching from 6 to 15 musicians

Music style: jazz, swing, blues, dance and entertainment music from the twenties, thirties and forties.

Orchestra from 15 musicians ongoing

Music style: jazz, swing, blues, dance and entertainment music from the twenties, thirties and forties.

In September and October “Oktoberfeste” are held all over the world. To enjoy a weißwurst (Bavarian sausage) and beer, folk music and German pop songs can’t be missing. In order to get a great atmosphere, the choice of music is essential.

We offer you a program, especially for your event designed, containing the most beautiful melodies from the best known operas – performed by vocal soloists with instrumental accompaniment.

The opera singer’s repertoire reaches from the “Magic Flute” to “Nessun Dorma”. The opera singer will give your guests goosebumps with the requested opera aria.

A program, which we put together especially for your event containing the most beautiful and best known waltz and operetta melodies, performed by vocal soloists with instrumental accompaniment.

Music style: sacred and classical music

Most of the times, the concerts take place in churches.

Performing arts without words

The pantomime is making expressions by using gestures and mimic. At events, pantomimes are mostly preferred as eye catcher.

A parody is an exaggerated and pithy imitation of popular celebrities. Parody artists ensure that an event is getting a lasting impact through exhilaration and entertainment.

A band or as well a DJ can be the perfect choice to get entertained with the right kind of party music. Whether pop, rock or German pop music, the party band will find a matching sound for every celebration or atmosphere!

Different percussion instruments create a drum show with light effects.

Various music styles: classical music, jazz, swing, blues, ..

The pickpocket entertainer will "steal" from your guests in a charming and funny way. Laughter and excitement are guaranteed. In English speaking countries, pickpocket entertainers are a popular choice as event entertainment.

Cover bands: from small ensembles till large bands

Music style: dance and entertainment music, hits from the charts, ...

German or international pop songs, folksy melodies, oldies, ...

From duo till prom orchestras or big bands

Power acrobatics are acrobatic acts, where the artists are lifted and form different figures with a fascinating precision and aesthetic.

It’s as well known as partner acrobatics.

The presenter leads through the evening with jokes, charm and suitable anecdotes.
With marionettes or hand puppets – puppet theatre is entertainment for the tall and tiny ones.
Fire works with or without music accompaniment
Is a form of music that originated in Jamaica. Because of Bob Marley, Reggae became popular all over the world especially at Caribbean themed events. Reggae bands are the right choice to emphasise the right “groove”.

The acrobats demonstrate a breathtaking show in unbelievable height with a ring, which is attached to the ceiling.

Robot performance as animation or as stage show is often used as surprise effect and / or eye catcher at events and fairs.
Cover bands: rock’n roll, pop, hits from the charts, ....
Let yourself experience fast and impressive acrobatics on roller skates on a small and round stage.
Masses, weddings, baptisms, ...

Music style: classical and sacred music

Sacred and classical music pieces from composers such as Liszt, Brahms, Mozart, ...

Vocal and instrumental music is possible

From trio to an orchestra with 30 musicians

Music style: classical music, melodies from opera and operetta, soundtracks from movies and musicals, salon music, ...

Samba originates from Brazil and refers to music and dance. Samba music is as well an essential part of the repertoire of many Latin bands.
In colourful carnival costumes a Brazilian flair will be spread.

Often the samba dancers are appearing together with a samba band.

Marching drum and dance group

Whether for the reception as a show act or for background music, the saxophone player is bringing the right atmosphere to your event.

The saxophone quartet are strolling musicians and are walking from table to table while playing. They will function as eye catcher and therefore guarantee a good atmosphere.

Or as well known as wine tavern music; traditional Viennese songs

Common ensembles: accordion / harmonica, violin, contra guitar, contra bass & vocals

Consist of 4 to 10 musicians with 1 to 2 vocal soloists

Music style: dance and entertainment music with international repertoire

Within a few minutes the artist is making a silhouette from the guests and will be gluing it in a passé-partout.

Impressing quick and fascinating precise at the same time!

We are finding the right vocal soloist (female or male) for every event.

Opera, operetta, musicals, gospels, pop, wedding music ...

Soul music was developed from rhythm, blues and gospel in the 1950ies in the USA. Soul bands are extraordinary entertainment bands for gala dinners, birthday parties, weddings, ....
Please have a look at Latin, Samba and Mariachi bands.
From classical music to pop music – these stars are giving every event an exclusive touch ....
Costumed musicians or squires impress your guests on stilts.

Either at fairs or at gala events, the “looking at effect” is a given.

Dynamic movements melt together with aesthetic effortlessness in order to show a breathtaking show act.

Within this category following artists are considered: jugglers, artists, pantomimes, acrobats, magicians, stilt walkers, street painters, fire expectorators ...

Most of the times, they are performing on public places.

Ensemble: 2 violins, viola and violoncello

Music style: classical music, chamber music, melodies from movies and musicals, melodies from operas and operettas,....

Austrian folk music with musicians dressed in traditional Austrian clothing. Perfectly suited as ambiance music for a dinner or breakfast or an atmospheric pre-Christmas event.

Swing is a trend from the USA. Swing bands are sometimes big bands as well (with up to 17 musicians).
Consists of approximately 80 to 100 musicians

Ensemble: string instruments, woodwind players, brass, percussion instruments & plucked instruments

Music style: classical music, melodies from operas and operettas, movie soundtracks, ...

Close-up magic – directly at the tables of the guests or on small stages

Austrian / Alpine folk or rather dance music. Ensembles possible from 3 – 10 persons.

Possible casts: accordion, harp, guitar, clarinet, trumpet, tuba, dulcimer,...

International vocal soloists, with or without children, and instrumental accompaniment perform the most popular and beautiful melodies from the musical „The Sound of Music“.

Traditional Alpine brass bands perform in our region mostly in traditional Austrian clothing.

Music style: the repertoire mainly concentrates on alpine folk music

Wine tavern music or “Schrammelmusik”: traditional Viennese songs ensure traditional Viennese comfort at every event.

Air acrobatics with a trapeze.

Aesthetical, impressing and fascinating!

Mainly cabaret likely parodies of popular female artists portrayed by men

Funny entertainment shows with dance, vocals and complex costumes.

Classical music (mass or weddings) with trumpet and organ

Mainly performed in churches

classical music (wedding & mass) played by a trumpet and organ.

The musicians are mainly walking from table to table to entertain their guests. They play with acoustic instruments; without an amplifier.

Artistic perfection performed on a velocipede.

A ventriloquist manipulates his voice in a way that it seems as if a different person or a doll is talking.

Air acrobatic with vertical ropes or vertical sheets

A rope dance of grace and breath-taking agility!

Violin players can be specialized in classic music, jazz, folk, within the entertainment area or even in “house” or “techno” music. They perform either as soloists, chamber musician or as a member of an orchestra.

Mobile artists with imaginative costumes welcome your guests in an extraordinary way (sometimes on stilts or with music accompaniment).

Vienna waltz is danced mostly as opening or midnight inset at proms. With marvellous and sparkling dance costumes the prom guests will be fascinated and inspired to dance.

Breath-taking acrobatics in a see-through water tank is a highlight for every occasion.

High above the audience the web acrobats present their spectacular acrobatic skills with the aid of only an attached web.

Music style: classical music, sacred music, modern music, pop, dance and movie melodies

As well known as “Schrammel music”.

Music style: traditional Viennese songs

Popular cast: accordion / harmonica, violin, double guitar, double bass & vocals

Ensemble: 2 clarinets & 1 bassoon

Folksy zither music for pre-Christmas events or Austrian folk evenings!