Information for artists

to enable a cooperation with the agency ARS MEDIA Konzertservice GmbH:

Dear artists & musicians,
To start a successful future cooperation with you, we will be glad to receive your information and after proving your documents we will retain them in our artists’ intermediation programme. The artists registration is for both - the artist and the agency ARS MEDIA - free of charge and non-committal and can be revoked at any time.
After receiving an inquiry from one of our clients, we search for the right kind of artist from our artists’ intermediation programme and contact him or her to check the availability, payment along with many other issues in advance. We then forward the information from the particular artist given to us to our client. When the actual signing of a contract occurs, a commission will be incurred at a level customary in this industry.
We are an artists’ intermediation agency and we do not deal with advertisement, promotion, public relation, tour management or active booking of our artists who are registered within our data programme.
All artists agree, that with their registration within our artists’ intermediation programme they will be offered to our clients on demand and after consultation. With the delivery of your documents (press material, texts, pictures, audio samples, …..) you are issuing us the unrestricted right of use of these documents.
If you are interested in getting admitted in our artists’ data programme, please send an e-mail with your documents to the following address:

Necessary documents and information:

  • PR text
  • 3 pictures (in printable resolution)
  • Contact details (contact person)
  • Desired payment
  • Website
  • Audio and video samples (links)

The more information we get from you, the better we can present you to our clients.